2018 CTS R2R selections

2018 CTS R2R auction marquee – 2018 CTS R2R auction & hospitality marquee – 360VR by Leon Setaro

2018 CTS R2R 300x seater auction & hospitality marquee – 360VR by 360vision.co.za

2x day assessment : After going through 54 colts on-site and factoring in the gallops thereafter, a shortlist of 6 was finalised but there were 3 or 4 others in contention all the way. The comments do not factor in pedigree or the sale prices and are based on specimen. NB. Conformation reports are private and not included here.

ZAR Bloodstockapproved


What a Winter – Niyabah (IRE) (Nashwan (USA))

Top pick as 2yr old early-action horse for profitable resale. Archetypal sprinter 15.2hh beautifully quartered and muscled with great balance and equally impressive action. The type of horse that steps out winning and competes in the 2yr old listed sprint races upward. Went for less than expected on a night where bidding was furious and prices steep.

SOLD @ US$ 13 000ZAR 180 000


Trippi (USA) – Pacific Dynasty (Dynasty)

Athletic speedy type, great all round specimen and a contender to take aim at the R2.5mil R2R. 15.2hh. Didn’t give much away on the track beyond what’s already obvious as he stands. Generated massive interest in the yard and in the ring and as expected over-the-top money was required to secure him.

SOLD @ US$ 65 200ZAR 900 000


Soft Falling Rain – Juror (Strike Smartly (CAN))

15.2/15.3hh beautiful specimen all round, both on the track as a great mover and in person. Ideal as a contender for the R2.5mil R2R and everything else leading up to it.

SOLD @ US$ 28 800ZAR 400 000


Pomodoro – La Rosita (AUS) (Fasliyev (USA))

16.3hh imposing monster of an athlete. Classy specimen with stand-out side profile balance and proportions for a horse of this size and weight. Still ungainly and backward on the track and going to need lots of time to mature and strengthen.

SOLD @ US$ 17 400ZAR 240 000


Jackson – Trip to Eden (Trippi (USA))

A 16.2/16.3hh giant that presents as an athletic classic type. Super mover on the track looking particularly precocious for a big horse. Will probably handle a trip and with pace and a high cruising speed to back it up. Should be able to get it together in time for the R2.5mil R2R race no sweat but the best will be still to come.

SOLD @ US$ 28 800ZAR 400 000

Lot 82 – OPTIMUM

Oratorio (IRE) – I’ll Be Back (ARG) (Hennessy (USA))

15.1hh small compact horse that’s all girth but with the quarter support to match. No faults just a super little specimen that moves well and will perform well early. Smart prospect as a value purchase for early action onwards. Easy money as a resale end of season or just keep and continue racing.

SOLD @ US$ 5 000ZAR 70 000

2018 CTS R2R auction marquee – 2018 CTS R2R auction & hospitality marquee – 360VR by Leon Setaro

2018 CTS R2R 300 seater auction & hospitality marquee – 360VR by 360vision.co.za