Ashanti – lot 155 Nat. 2yr pre-auction

Catalog pics for the National 2yr old sale are starting to come through on the BSA website, 25 so far, let’s take a look at the value prospects amongst them..

First up, and eye catching as a specific purpose value purchase is lot 155 – Ashanti. 

This filly stands out as the perfect early maturing, small and compact speedball. Textbook balance, beautifully quartered for pace and power, proportions and angles spot on. As a physical specimen she is a standout for early action no question about it. Looks small in the pic but don’t let this put you off, it plays as an advantage for 3x reasons.. small horses mature faster, their sale price takes a knock, and they are the least disadvantaged around tight turns. NB. based on side view pic only, in-person inspection required for full assessment. 

By ace sire Philanthropist, out of Arria, listed sprint feature winner at 2. Ashanti is her first foal.

A prime example of performance assessment matching pedigree. This filly is a surefire early winner with a super chance of contesting the 2yr old features and earning black type. If you want early action and returns, she’s a definite for the shortlist. Having said that, you must factor in that if she produces early results at a high level as expected, then the handicapper will punish her accordingly and she will pay a hefty price as a 3yr old. Buy her as an early 2yr old as the focus, where she will have the maturity advantage against weaker opposition before the best of her generation have stepped out. Then look at selling on to someone else to continue racing. 

What is she worth? Difficult to predict on side view pic alone without an in-person inspection, but she looks small enough to deter buyers to your advantage and place her in the strike value zone. She will be a sweet deal under R100k. If she’s bigger than expected, her price will go up dramatically in proportion to her size.. and it will be worth it.