Covid commonality; SA and India

How does India, a country of 1.3 billion people, have around 1,000 coronavirus deaths?


Less than a month ago, India’s future looked dire. Experts predicted that the country could expect millions of coronavirus cases. Doctors warned that India needed to prepare for..

An onslaught of cases that could cripple the country’s ill-equipped health system.
the virus spreading like wildfire through India’s slums, where residents live in cramped quarters and basic sanitation often isn’t available.

But so far, the world’s second-most populous country appears to have avoided the worst. As of Tuesday, India had reported 31,360 coronavirus cases and 1,008 deaths, or about 0.76 deaths per million. Compare that to the United States, where the number of deaths per million is more than 175. Read full article here

The decision to impose a lockdown promptly, even when case numbers were low, had likely reduced contact rates significantly.
India moved into lockdown relatively quickly — it was announced when the country had reported 519 coronavirus cases. By comparison, Italy waited until it had more than 9,200 coronavirus cases before it went into a nationwide lockdown, while the United Kingdom had about 6,700.
It was a high-stakes decision. Going into lockdown meant millions of daily-wage workers would be deprived of an income. But not imposing a lockdown risked overwhelming India’s health care system
Even if we are not testing enough and are not discovering enough, there are not enough bodies being piled up in hospitals or in ICUs or in mortuaries … to suggest we are in the midst of something really dramatic at this stage
If there was a huge surge in Covid-19 cases that weren’t being caught by testing, then hospitals would be crowded with cases and there would be a spike in influenza-like symptoms in the community