Here’s what to expect..

In all likelihood, there’s not going to be a yes or no answer as to whether racing may continue. The regulations will be published and horse racing will get no specific mention. The regulations will have to be interpreted and make no mistake about it, if there’s provision for us in any form, whether intended or not, we will re-open.

So what exactly is required?

1. Provision for sport, and exemption from clauses that prohibit it.

At this stage, should the relevant clauses from the level 3 regulations draft remain in the final document, we can squeeze in but with conditions attached and work to be done. (more on this after the regs are published)

2. Compliance with the gazetted requirements for a Covid workplace plan.

From Level 4.. “A covid ready workplace plan (CRWP) must be developed prior to the re-opening of an enterprise employing persons or serving the public.”

This should not be misconstrued as “Gov. approval of a CRWP is required prior to re-opening.” Unless a ‘process of application for Gov. approval’ is gazetted into Level 3, specific permission will not be required in this regard. 

Bottom line though, until the regs are signed and published, we can’t get to work fitting in to re-open, much the same as we can’t plan our horses’ comebacks until we have a racing program for June.

If horse racing is specifically excluded, then we won’t be racing and there’s fierce work to be done to get that changed.