SA horse racing : which province will open first?

Based on existing Gov. Covid-19 policy ie. the implementation of locale-based lockdown levels, it’s not looking good for the re-opening of horse racing in Cape Town. The graph tells the story and there’s talk of the Western Cape staying on level 4 or going back to level 5, whilst the rest of the country shifts to level 3 later this month. Were this to happen it would make the Western Cape a victim of its own success in implementing a highly efficient testing campaign. 

The virus is doing what viruses do, and that’s spread at an exponential rate. Corona is not hanging around waiting for testing to keep up. The Western Cape is on the job and it shows in their test results, the rest of the country is missing the outbreaks and will be rewarded with an easing of restrictions.

Yup! That’s the South African way.