Info from the inside on lock-down easing

Western Cape Premier Alan Winde reports that lockdown restrictions will be eased-in over time.

Current ‘full lockdown’ is likely to be eased to a ‘partial lockdown’ for certain economic sectors in the weeks to come.

The decision to open up certain economic sectors would hinge on a crucial question, “Which businesses are going to represent the lowest risk?”

Right now positive tests are in all our retail outlets – from the small guys in Khayelitsha, to the big hyper-stores. That’s where people are gathering, so that’s where transmission happens. “We’re finding it in the factory spaces – pharmaceutical, agriculture, or food processing, where people are congregating, coming to work, there is transmission.

So the message to businesses is going to be – You’ve got to come up with your own set of rules to ensure strict physical distancing, proper hygiene, professional standards and all necessary protocols to prevent any transmission of the virus.

This will be the new Covid-19 de-risked way of doing business”. Every business that wishes to trade will require these strict protocols.

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