Become an international racehorse owner in South Africa

Racehorse ownership in South Africa is open to anyone anywhere on the globe. We offer a world class racing product with all the stakes and thrills of the ownership experience at a fraction of the cost of our international counterparts. We race 364 days a year across 8 racetracks countrywide with a choice of turf, polytrack and sand surfaces. 

Become an owner in less than  72  hours!

Get licensed as an individual owner/colour holder in South Africa – there’s no waiting list and no wait. Complete the forms, pay the NHRA fees and you’re ready to race in 3 days.

Licensing/registration (ZAR4120) US$ 245
Set of silks each (±ZAR1100) ±US$ 65
Authority to Act per trainer once off (ZAR860) US$ 51
Change of ownership per horse once off (ZAR930) US$ 55


>> It’s a buyers’ market!
SA has a full calendar of auctions throughout the year from mares & weanlings to yearlings, 2yr olds and horses in training. Racehorses can also be sourced privately from sellers and breeders directly. There’s no restrictions on trade and prices range from US$1k to US$400k


>> Own & race horses at a fraction of int. costs
At around  1/8th  of comparative international training costs, South Africa is one of the most affordable racing districts in the world! 

Full Training per month US$ 700


Return on Investment

STAKES – SA prize money ranges from US$6800 up to US$300000 per race, this against training fees of only US$750/month, offering a highly competitive costs-to-stakes ratio.

RESALE – Top performers are exported to compete in Hong Kong, Dubai, Europe, USA, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Japan etc. and generate massive returns on investment at point of re-sale often in excess of   US$1mil . Horses that don’t reach top level are still in demand in places such as Mauritius with its insatiable appetite for colts/geldings at all levels, and there are additional smaller markets both locally and in neighboring countries.