Rewind.. Royal Zulu Warrior wins by 9 lengths – twice!

Rewind back to the 2010/2011 era, to Clairwood Park in December.. and the arrival on the scene of Royal Zulu Warrior, something pretty much never seen before at the time.. or again since. We don’t have the replay of his debut win but it’s in memory and on record by 9.75 lengths. It was a come from behind win, much the same as his 2nd start just 18 days later watch below.. by 9 again! Next up.. his 3rd start, again down the straight at Clairwood Park and again another big margin win, this time by 6.

26-12-2010 Royal Zulu Warrior wins his 2nd career start by 9 lengths, a direct replica of his debut win same track and trip by 9.75 lengths. 

13-03-2011 Much the same again as Royal Zulu Warrior continues though the divisions with big margin wins.