So the guy at the bread factory picked up a positive

So the guy who works at the bread factory shows symptoms, gets tested and produces a positive. He’s sent home to self-quarantine, a home he shares with 6 other people. He’s already been coughing and spluttering for a few days anyway so the decision to go home or into state custody isn’t going to make much difference to this story. 

Of the 6 people he shares the home space with (none of them have symptoms) , 2 are going out on foot to buy food and coming into close contact with people in the shop as well as on the way. Another has an essential services permit and is working full time. Another gets regular visits from a close relative who also happens to be an essential services worker but in an unrelated field. 

Welcome to the world of contact tracing

This is a rudimentary contact tracing example during lockdown for 1 worker from a factory of several workers.. just to give a pinhole glimpse of the reality on the ground. Have the plastic suits been rapidly deployed to the property to conduct testing and activate contact tracing. Not yet?

Disclaimer : This is an unconfirmed story albeit from a reliable source, so we are taking it here as a hypothetical example of the enormity of the contact tracing process despite the lockdown in place.