Leon Setaro

Here’s what to expect..

In all likelihood, there’s not going to be a yes or no answer as to whether racing may continue. The regulations will be published and horse racing will get no specific mention. The regulations will have to be interpreted and make no mistake about it, if there’s provision for us in any form, whether intended or not, we will re-open. Read more..

Unofficial – Get ready for horse racing under level 3

Unofficial update : The current situation is that horse racing will be allowed under level 3, subject to standard Covid-19 compliance requirements. NB. Until the level 3 updates are signed into law next week, there’s always the possibility that things could change.. but for now we’re in the clear. Get your horses ready.

Non-contact sport under level 3

Non-contact professional sport has been drafted into Level 3 regulations BOOOM!! This is the best news for the re-opening of SA horse racing yet!

Object against level 4 detention here

It’s illegal to work and we’re under house arrest with 75 000 armed troops on standby to invade the suburbs and our homes to enforce it. If you have something to say about this, here’s the form to do it