Transparency is the natural consequence of a job well done

When things get done properly, there’s nothing to hide and transparency feels rewarding.. it’s the opportunity to showcase a job well done.

When things don’t get done properly, then it’s all about smoke and mirrors for the cover up.

For the suitably skilled, energy is focused on getting the job done.

For the poser, energy is focused on creating the perception that the job has been done.

In racing’s rise from the ashes, there’s no room for dead-wood. Only those with the talent and passion to tangibly contribute need be included in the workforce. A cleansing is non-negotiable.

The racing industry cannot and will not stand united behind yet another farcical skin-deep masquerade.

We need a plan of extraordinary proportions and we need real skill, real ability, real passion and real work done.. then transparency can shine bright for the world to see.